Corporate level strategy of kingfisher airlines

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I am delighted to introduce Kingfisher’s plan for corporate social responsibility. Our aim is to explain how our strategy for operating a company as diverse and dynamic as Kingfisher in a at a Group level.

In doing so I hope we will contribute to a general sharing of ideas. Corporate website of Kingfisher plc, Europe's leading home improvement retailer with over 1, stores across 10 countries in Europe. Kingfisher Airlines has a degree promotion strategy in place.

Kingfisher Corporate Levels

They reach out to their customers through all media of communication such as television, radio, print, outdoor, malls and multiplexes, clubs and pubs and their in-flight magazine.

Kingfisher Airlines - Strategy Kingfisher Airlines signed with Air-Deccan to buy out latter's extra ASKMs (available seat kilometres).

neglecting the comfort level of the customers and the target audience of ths airline is not sensitive to comfort but price hence they are still able to generate numbers because the customer cannot pay.

Observations Utilizing general organizational competencies: These are competencies that transcend individual functions or business units and are found at the top or corporate level of the multi business company.

Kingfisher Airlines Marketing and Management Strategies

the Government of India announced that Air India would be merged with Indian Airlines.5/5(1). Corporate Level StrategiesSports Management Kingfisher Airlines Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.

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Corporate level strategy of kingfisher airlines
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Kingfisher Airlines Marketing and Management Strategies