Crosshatch writing

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Keep your entryway nice and clean with the top-rated Textured Crosshatch Charcoal Door Mat. This molded door mat is your best friend when inclement weather strikes, because it features an absorbent carpet surface that is extra durable thanks to a rubber-reinforced backing.

Crosshatch definition is - to mark with two series of parallel lines that intersect. How to use crosshatch in a sentence.

CE - Placing crosshatch area

to mark with two series of parallel lines that intersect; to mark or draw (something) with sets of lines that cross each other. Vienna-based studio EOOS designed the Crosshatch Chair for Geiger, a Herman Miller company. The designers cited another Geiger designer, Ward Bennett, as an influence for Crosshatch, particularly on the chair's reinvention of industrial materials—in this case, parachute chords—into something chic.

Crosshatch writing
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Artist Residency — Crosshatch